Optimize your bottle delivery chain

We predict fill levels for bottles filled with CO2, or any other gas.
This means less driving and less expenses for you and a continuous supply for your customers.
For all of us this means less emissions for the planet.
Cylinder Change
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Are you...

... a bottle service company or a supplier of CO2 (or any other gas)?

... seeking ways to improve your bottle delivery schedule, reduce delivery cost or boost customer satisfaction?

Then Quent.z can save you valuable time and money.

How it works

easy installation

You attach the sensor to your CO2 bottle.

It only takes several minutes.


Bottle fill level

Through its advanced learning algorithm, Quent.z predicts bottle fill levels accurately and tells you the best time to change the bottle.


Make your process smart

Your bottle replacement process is streamlined.

Your scheduling is improved.

Your staff does less driving around.

Your customers are never left with empty bottles.

What is in for you?
No hassle monitoring gas bottle
Less drives for your technical service
You know it all:
fill levels at any time at any location
Reduction of fuel costs and your CO2 footprint.
Automatic CO2 order just-in time:
No emails, no phone calls
No need for spare cylinders: less capita tied up in gas cylinders
No more complaints due to late delivery

Optimize your routes and level up your customer satisfaction

What you get

Sensor & Radio device
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  • Bosch automotive pressure sensor HPS5
  • Plug & Play solution
  • >99% precision
  • Compact electronic radio device
  • Long battery life, no exchange needed during lifecycle
  • Works with any type of gas
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  • Artificial Intelligence learning algorithm
  • Customized API and notifications
  • Automated reordering function
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  • Visualization of sensor location
  • Remaining time prediction
  • Route optimization
  • KPI transparency and monitoring in dashboard. Suitable for desktop and mobile device
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Technical expertise, cutting-edge equipment


Who we are

Founded in March 2021 as a spin-off of Bosch, Quent.z started its operation with the first customers in Berlin and Bavaria.

The founders of Quent.z, Thanasis and Viki have long worked for the Bosch corporation. Being experts in automotive sensors and business development, they combine corporate precision and quality with a desire to enter new ventures and digitalize the market for gas cylinders.

Athanasios Vikas

Dr.-Ing. Athanasios Vikas CEO [email protected]


Viktoria Stöger CFO [email protected]

Quent.z started as an internal innovation program in the “Powertrain Solutions” Division of Bosch in Germany. After the success of the original idea in the Bosch innovation incubator, it was seen so promising that it was given the opportunity to operate on the market independently.

Bosch still supports the company e.g. by supplying sensor hardware.


If you like to optimize your processes and reduce expenses, then feel free to get in touch with Quent.z.

We’ll get back to you to arrange an appointment for a live demo.
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[email protected] +49 711 3420 6933 Heilbronner Strasse 150 70191 Stuttgart Germany
  • Bosch sensor precision & reliability
  • Easy plug and play setup
  • 9 patents pending